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Not only food and style are brewing in Italy. We have a glorious history of design, technology, and innovative products. Just remember how expressions like “Bel Design” and "Linea Italiana" entered the vocabulary of furniture design.

The mechanical typewriter by Olivetti or Algol, the portable TV by Brionvega, are literally legendary. Is it too far from modern tech reality? Ok, let’s talk about Olivetti again: did you know that the company created the first transistor computer in the world even before IBM? Nice done Olivetti!

There are also some Italians who left Italy in the last decade. Some of them are doing back and forth becoming famous and stronger through the Startup scene all over the world. Need some examples? Here you have Riccardo Zucconi, the man who drove you crazy with Candy Crush,Lorenzo Thione father of the search engine Bing sold to Microsoft, Massimo Banzi, inventor of Arduino, the most amazing gift ever given to makers,or Fabrizio Capobianco, founder of Funambol, the open-source leading platform of cloud services installed in millions of devices.

We are building our future, here and now. Make your business grow from your own country: this is our aim. We know it’s a hard challenge. We are looking for those people who want to use their Italian legacy to create projects with an international mindset.

Inspired by Foundedinholland, we’ve composed a list of truly innovative Italian startups.

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What do all these companies have in common?
1) They were founded in Italy in the 21st century.
2) They back up and endorse Made in Italy all over the world.
3) They are dreaming about a 3D printer that could make a real pizza.

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